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What's your cruising, mudding , trail riding song? Motley Crüe for me 🤘🏻~Natasha

Mine is Wild Side by Motley Crüe ✌🏻the louder the better! Miss being topless and doorless, hurry up summer

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Click here to support Cross Canada Tour by Michelle Quilliam

Please support my hubby & I on our cross-Canada Trip in Puddles!
If you prefer e-transfer, please message me for details. Thanks!

What Is It For? James & Michelle are planning an epic, #1-on-our-Bucketlist, cross-Canada Jeep trip to attend the Pirate Off-Road Nation's 2017 Valley invasion in Nova Scotia in July. The Valley ... See more

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Yaya.. I know it's not a Jeep.. but REALLY!!! Haha! Omg.. Bacon fat popcorn... I gotta try this!!

This bacon fat popcorn hack—yes, you read that right—will change your movie nights forever! http://peoplem.ag/u1SAiID (via People Food)

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Ok! One more then I better get ready for work.

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Wow! Amazing


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And jeep girls - tracy

It always happens when it's late at night, you're tired, and fighting the urge to just burn it to the ground...

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Just Jeeps

Nice one baja Brampton jeep club

I feel like January is the month of neglected differentials. Here's another way too long to do a fluid change which came out black muck and metal filings along with chewed spider gears.

Maintenance ... See more

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For Jeepers in the Tillsonburg, ON area looking for a Topless Day event, check out the Cross Country Jeepers event

To any of my jeep friends in Southwestern Ontario looking for a great Topless Day event check out the Cross Country Jeepers 😊✌🏻

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