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Terri’s story and the start of Canadian Jeep Girls

In Dec of 2009 my l ife was  stopped in its tracks. I was in a near fatal car accident due to black ice causing me to hit an 18 wheeler Semi-truck. I was in my little 1991 sidekick I named my puddle jumper. As bad as it was, that day helped me see that there is no ‘later’, there is no next year and there is no time to waste.

I had always admired the “Jeep Life”, the freedom that comes with such an interchangeable vehicle and the community that helps each other, guides each other and shares a passion that is hard to explain. You have the freedom and community of a motorcycle but you can bring your family too! I had bought my sidekick instead of a Jeep because she was cheaper to maintain and she saved on gas. I loved off-roading with her and most off-road groups didn’t mind me joining in.

I saw a convoy of Jeeps drive through my vacationing area in 1998 and told my husband “one day I will be one of them!”.
Because of my accident I pushed harder to be the woman I admired. To be a Jeep Girl and not wait any longer!
I bought my first Jeep in April of 2011! A beautiful 1997 Jeep TJ! With a soft & hard top, only had 2 owners and had never been offroading! She was my “Dirty Girl” and she was manual so it took a bit to build up the strength to drive her when i had broke both my legs and had had 5 surgeries to try to repair them yet they still wouldn’t heal.
I went online and could not seem to find a community or club that worked well for me. All groups were run by men. They all went camping, drinking and rig repairing which (while in a wheelchair, walking with a walker or crutches) was impossible for me. I’m not much of a drinker and there is no way I can get under my Jeep. I just didn’t feel very … included. Men and woman can love the same thing but also express themselves completely different about it!

September 28th 2011 I created Canadian Jeep Girl Facebook page, in hopes of finding others like me. Later I added the s because I had actually found more! Within a year I had gained a few friends that ranged from a pavement princess to a full on rig pig and they were all Jeep Girls! Some where even Canadian! I had people help me create a logo, website and other social media outlets!

Later I found out that my left foot could not heal and I was unable to keep my manual Jeep so I sold her, taking a bit of a cut on the sale, to a fellow Canadian Jeep Girl! With my husband’s help I got a new 2012 Jeep JK, two door, basic model with a penistar engine and she was a beautiful black. Was going to name her Beauty (you know Black beauty) but I love mud and she’s always dirty and I was asked how could you call something so dirty Beauty and my response was “Mud is Beauty” she is now Mud Beauty.
In my journey I have made a great community if woman that can help, guide & share with each other. No matter the situation, no matter the path you choose and you can be a soccer mom, mechanic or CEO but you are still a CJG!

No negativity is allowed. No jeep bashing, no insults and best of all no half naked ‘chick’ stretched out on my page. I have gained a great CJG team that helps monitor and share on the page and other media outlets. Best of all I’ve gained some great Jeep Girl friends and heard some amazing stories that I hope to share with you.

 The CJEEPG admin team.

Tracy, from Alberta
My road along the Jeep trail is a interesting one, one with a lot of ups and downs, lefts and rights. I was introduced into the Jeep world somewhere in the early to mid 90’s. It was first time wheeling although just a passenger I enjoyed it thoroughly. Getting stuck, getting unstuck, making it over obstacles i could totally get into this.
This is where the ups and downs, lefts and rights come in…
A couple of years pass, like 14….
long story short we bought a 90 xj and so begins my own ownership.
That xj was awesome but it had its issues after a couple years with it I bought my 2011 JKUS. Built it up, had a ton of fun with it, and the various Albertans I had the pleasure of wheeling with, you know who you are xoxo.
In comes today.. I now own a fairly built 2017 JKUR (more to come) I drive it and I wheel it and I love Jeep life!

Natasha, from Sarnia Ontario.
“Why a Jeep? Jeep offers the freedom of individuality in expressing ones self.
Our Jeeps are an extension of ourselves. Jeeps offer a venue of creativity to
build our own look and style. I’ve heard many refer to them as Lego for adults,
you never stop building. Jeeps even take on their own personalities with their
proud owners giving them names. Jeep owners or “Jeepers” are always in
search for the newest modifications and accessories to add the wow factor to our
rigs. We love to talk about our Jeeps, go offroading in our Jeeps, take selfies with
our Jeeps, cruise around top down and doors off in our Jeeps and of course,
Jeep wave other Jeeps.”
“My passion for Jeeps started at 16, something about riding topless, the jeep not
me..lol, wind in my hair with the freedom to go anywhere intrigued me. It wasn’t
till later in life when I was established that I could afford this wonderful gift. I
bought “Lucy” a 2012 crush orange Sahara Unlimited Wrangler for my
41 st birthday in 2015. I named her after the talented Lucille Ball, because of her
class, timeless beauty and of course her unique orange colour hair. Lucy has
been by far my greatest adventure to date and the best investment I’ve given
myself. Lucy is complete freedom with no judgment. She doesn’t care that I don’t
have make-up on or that my hair is messy, “Jeep hair don’t care”. She’s happy I
jumped in and turned the key, as that’s when the adventure begins. As said by
J.R.R. Tolkien “Not all who wander are lost.”
“In spring of2016I hadthe privilege and honor of becoming a part of
the “Canadian Jeep Girls” team founded by Terri Amey. I love being a Canadian
Jeep Girl but most of all I love Lucy!

Amanda, From New Brunswick
Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having my own Jeep. Growing up in rural New Brunswick, off road activities were always taking place every opportunity possible. Whether it be out on the 4-wheeler with Dad or the 1988 Landcruiser exploring the back roads, we always had somewhere to go and had so much fun doing it. So, naturally, I grew up always wanting my own. After my dad passed away when I was just 15 years old, being “daddy’s girl” it was tough losing him, so I set my mind on someday having my own Jeep to keep his memory going and carry on traditions that he started. In 2014, I was finally able to do that. I came across this gorgeous dark cherry red 2012 JKU with not a scratch on her despite her being used. I was driving a Jeep Compass at the time, but it wasn’t fulfilling the passion of “Jeep” that I wanted. I wanted to travel with the big guns in the woods. I wanted to experience the same adrenaline I felt as a kid. After much thought, I drove her off the lot just 2 days before Christmas: December 23, 2014. And straight into the woods! I found the nearest trail I could find and we drove for hours. After many modifications and several dollars, blood, sweat and tears later, she finally became my “Dream Jeep” over the next 3 years. I feel like a queen driving around in her with a sense of pride that no one else quite understands. Every time I go off road, it brings back happy childhood memories of times with my dad. As someone who battles daily with severe depression and anxiety, as soon as I sit myself behind the wheel of this Jeep, I feel a sense of peace and comfort. Going off road helps even more to relieve stress and anxiety, leaving behind the constant hustle and bustle of the real world, into a peaceful and calm wilderness

Michelle Quilliam, From British Columbia
Throughout my teens & 20s I was always a passenger whenever I went wheeling. I always drove a sportscar. Fast forward to my 30s when I bought my first Jeep: a 1992 Cherokee Sport 2dr 5spd with the inline 6. I was in love! Her name was Rockie, and although she needed some TLC, her bones were great, & not a speck of rust on her! I fixed her up & drove her everywhere. Couple years later, I came into an inheritance & found my current rig: a 2006 TJ Sport 4L. I tried to sell Rockie after I brought my TJ home, but unfortunately Rockie was stolen, involved in a serious crash, & subsequently written off. (RIP Rockie!)

I drove my TJ bone stock everywhere I dared (mostly stock smooth FSRs lol) for about 4-5years. The only upgrade when I bought her was a $3000 sound system. Then I added a 3” budget Zone lift and upgraded to 31” tires. I was impressed! Couldn’t get her stuck no matter how hard I tried! As my courage and experience grew driving my TJ, I started my wish list of ‘thingsIwantbutcan’taffordyet’. I decided to name her Puddles, because that was what we loved to do: splash through puddles!

One day last year I got a surprising phone call from Victims Services that they had been trying to find me for 25years & had money for me from an incident in my teens. Suddenly my wish list became an omgImightbeabletogetherbuilt! List! Over 2 trips to Mission & Langley, I spent nearly $7000 on parts! Found a set of 04 Rubi bolt in Dana 44s with factory lockers, a roof rack with cage, front & rear bumpers, rock guards, new amp, deck & speakers, overhead storage, among others.. We installed most of the parts ourselves, but needed help with the diffs, & eventual dual battery system. Luckily, a close friend happens to be a mechanic who has a little shop at home & he gave me a wicked deal. My Puddles build was finished last summer with only a month to spare before we drove her across Canada & back over 21 days! What a trip that was – and not one single break down!

I had never owned a vehicle this long, never had so much fun & so many incredible experiences, until I bought a TJ. And No – I will NEVER sell her!

Stephanie McConnell, From Quebec
Growing up a farm girl, Gramp’s always had a Dodge truck in the yard. Going muddin’ was almost a daily ride for this Maritimer. It wasn’t until many years later when I saw a job posting for a Chrysler Dodge Jeep salesman at the local Jeep dealer. That’s where it really started. Upon being hired, we (myself, the only female, and the other 10 salesman) were invited to go on a Jeep off road training course in Nova Scotia. Jeep sent their best drivers, mechanics and trainers to teach us the in & outs, ropes, and even what NOT to do when out in the middle of nowhere. Being the only girl, I was convinced to show them what this farm girl could do with any vehicle they gave me. I listened carefully to the Jeep professionals, did as they directed and had the time of my life. Gramps would have been proud of his girl, I was now a certified Jeep off road driver/salesman. This new experience and knowledge helped me to win a huge Canadian wide contest offered my Dodge Chrysler Jeep in 1999. What a huge honour to win a 10 day all inclusive vacation to Hawaii/Maui, where I met several other Jeep professionals from all over Canada. Unfortunately my career as a salesman did not last long as I was hit in a car accident shortly after my trip. I was unable to drive for a few years, but still went out muddin’ with the boys. My love for automobiles has always been in my blood, I’ve had anything from a Chevette to a Cadillac, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I was able to buy my first brand new Jeep. My boyfriend and I were passing by the Capital Jeep dealer here in Quebec City and saw a modified red Jeep with a jacked suspension, lifters and swampers that caught my eye. Just for shits n giggles, we stopped by to check it out. I dreamed of this Jeep but only all black. While my man was looking around, I investigated further on purchasing one. I had lost control of my Cadillac CTS during a huge snow storm the winter before and was ready for a change. I was Ready for Jeep that would go anywhere and everywhere. Three hours later, I ordered my new 2014 Jeep Wrangler sport, named Black Beauty. An utter shock to my man that I just bought a brand new Jeep, and that I gave him the green light to modify as he saw fit at GR Suspension (Jeep specialty business partner with Capital Jeep). Three days later, my Black Beauty was delivered and the shared passion continues….